How to Build an Exercise Plan

What kind of exercise should you do?

A single exercise cannot satisfy all of your needs. It’s essential to have a mix of activities during a week to get the most benefit from your routine. Without fish, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains, it’s like eating only fruit-healthy in general. This leads to lacking many of the nutrients that come with other foods.

Developing a balanced exercise program

What is a balanced exercise plan? PTGAs from the U.S. provide guidelines for physical activity for Americans. The Department of Health and Human Services suggests adults engage in the following types of exercise each week:

– Balance exercises for seniors
– Strength training sessions twice a week with a recovery period
– 75 minutes of aerobic activities
– 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week

You can break up workouts into smaller segments if this sounds overwhelming. For example, walking for three minutes every ten minutes can get you to your daily aerobic goal of 30 minutes.

Warming up should be done before every workout, and cooling down should be done afterward. Exercises like marching in place can loosen up muscles and increase oxygen-rich blood flow. After you warm-up, do some stretches to prevent stiffness, then slowly slow your activity and intensity.